Day Job

At my day job at BuzzFeed I’m a software engineer, building stuff for the web.

I use my company-issued MacBook Pro “15, 2016 (2.7GHz, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD) but it’s basically always closed on its laptop stand next to my screen: DELL 27” U2717D. The screen is piled on top of a couple of thick hardbacks that were lying around the office. That way I can sit up straight-ish at my desk without having to try and buy a fancy desk riser. I have an Apple Magic Mouse and the standard wireless Apple Keyboard.

I write my quick notes on the back of scraps from a reporter notepad from the stationary cupboard. The messiness of this means I’m incentivised to type up stuff that’s important and throw away recycle the physical notes. That way I get a clear desk and text-searchable meeting notes and stuff. Right now there’s a note sitting on my desk with some Vim commands I’m trying to commit to memory. That brings me onto software.

I’m on MacOS Mojave. The apps I have open all day every day are Firefox, Mail, Slack, Spotify, iTerm2, Ulysses, and Calendar. My passwords are all managed through 1Password and some work logins are managed by IT through Okta.

I use Ulysses to keep all my work notes in Markdown files, including a daily agenda that I write at the end of the previous day. It’s just headings of the projects I’m working on with a bullet pointed list of stuff to work through. Writing it at the end of the workday helps me empty my mind of work when I go home, and reading it in the morning feels like loading a condensed version of yesterday’s work brain again.

I used to use Bash to keep things simple but since MacOS started defaulting to Zsh I switched over to it, keeping my dotfiles almost exactly the same. I use Vim with NERDtree for all of my development (a mixture of frontend and backend web work).

Daily Carry

I carry a tattered old canvas rucksack with my personal notebook (a hardback, dotted Moleskine), a Uni-ball Eye Micro, Bose QC35 headphones, and whatever I’m reading at the time. I’ve got an iPhone XR in black, a leather card slip, and a fairly svelte set of keys on a keyring in my pockets. I almost never carry cash.

Personal Tech

I’ve got a more detailed post about about this but in short: it’s a Hugo site on Netlify. In long: you’ll have to read here.