Day Job

At my day job at Kaluza I’m a engineering manager. I work from home four days a week on average.

I use my company-issued MacBook Pro “13, 2021 (M1). I have an Apple Magic Trackpad and the standard wireless Apple Keyboard both issued by my company, but honestly I only use them when I go into the office and have an external monitor. Most of the time it’s just my laptop on my desk at home.

I write my quick notes on an A4 pad from MUJI made of recycled paper. The messiness of this means I’m incentivised to type up stuff that’s important and throw away recycle the physical notes. That way I get a clear desk and text-searchable meeting notes and stuff.

I’m on MacOS Big Sur. The apps I have open all day every day are Safari, Chrome, Mail, Slack, Spotify, Terminal, Notes, Reminders, and Calendar. My passwords are all managed through 1Password and some work logins are managed by IT through Okta.

I used to use Ulysses to keep all my work notes in Markdown files. At the moment I’m trying out going all in on the Apple walled garden, so everything is in Notes. One type of note I keep is a daily agenda that I write at the end of the previous day.It’s just headings of the projects I’m working on with a bullet pointed list of stuff to work through. Writing it at the end of the workday helps me empty my mind of work when I go home, and reading it in the morning feels like loading a condensed version of yesterday’s work brain again.

I used to use Bash to keep things simple but since MacOS started defaulting to Zsh I switched over to it, keeping my dotfiles almost exactly the same. I use Vim with NERDtree for all of my development (a mixture of frontend and backend web work). Towards the end of 2020 I moved into a more management heavy role, which means less time in Terminal and more time in Notes and then Google Docs.

Daily Carry

In the time of COVID-19, the notion of a daily carry has shifted a lot. My lifestyle has change dramatically since the beginning of the pandemic. I don’t commute; I work from home. I try and go for a run or for a workout at the gym most days, and sometimes that’s the only time I leave the house. I cycle everywhere; London’s gotten a lot friendlier for that. My bike is a Hackney Cycles single-speed in black, which I hope is abundant and low value enough that it isn’t attractive to thieves.

Personal Tech

I’ve got a more detailed post about about this but in short: it’s a Hugo site that I keep changing the hosting for. In long: you’ll have to read here.