I’m Jack Reid. Here I mostly update the blog and keep track of things I’m reading or watching. I post few photos as I take them.

I’ve worked in software engineering for a few years now and I’m a manager now. If you’re interested, you can read a bit more about my work history here. Something that’s a common thread through my whole time and BuzzFeed and earlier is a focus on accessible web technology, there’s a bit more about that on the work page too.

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Neukölln, Berlin


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So Popbitch (a very catty UK media gossip newsletter) reports that Fred Again’s people have been trying to keep the fact that he is minor gentry out of his Wikipedia article. Fair enough. I understood his story to go as follows: young South London guy makes poppy dance songs during the pandemic, goes viral, becomes instant stadium-packing act once the restrictions lift, and boy he just can’t believe his luck. Shucks!

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Moving to a new country with a new currency, one of the things we’ve been thinking about is, “is it cheaper?” It’s a very intangible thing. I’m too stupid to do quick currency conversions in my head, I’m earning a different amount of money (is it more, is it less, yes!), and different kinds of costs work out very differently. Recently we had an incident with an outrageously expensive (or was it?