Accessible Buzzfeed


This article was originally published on the BuzzFeed Tech Blog Header image by Devin Argenta Last month, external accessibility experts certified buzzfeed.com as compliant with the best accessibility practices for the web. That simple statement, ripped straight from the headlines of a boilerplate internal email, does not do justice to the two-year process that brought us to that point. Nor does it embody what the achievement means to our team, especially myself, on a personal level.

Remote Works Sucks


Let’s instead encourage companies to invest in the cities in which they are based. That means paying taxes, investing in local education, and generating wealth that can be used by workers to create more companies or fund more amenities where they live. — Our remote work future is going to suck, Sean Blanda

What If Working From Home Goes on forever?


Beyond the feverish pace of online work, employees are experiencing some problems specific to video what has popularly come to be called Zoom fatigue. In late March I spoke via Zoom to Jessica Lindl, a vice president at Unity, a company that makes software for creating and operating interactive 3-D environments. Before the pandemic, Unity’s 3,700-person staff conducted about 10,000 Zoom calls a month. They were now doing five times as many.