Scraps from the Isle of Mull


Machair behind the dunes at Salen Bay, Mull A few weeks ago I went camping in Scotland. Below are some scraps I wrote down while I was on the Isle of Mull. There are significant magnetic anomalies around the islands of St. Kilda. The name St. Kilda is an oddity: there is no such saint. One theory is that it comes from “sunt kelda”, Norse for sweet wellwater.

On Skye, Nursing Home Deaths Expose a Covid-19 Scandal


But management told workers to wear masks only around suspected coronavirus patients an approach that Ms. Harris, in her complaint, compared to closing the gate after the horse has bolted. The company told her that aides who wanted masks were provided with them starting April 9. Not until April 18, a week before the outbreak, were masks required. Even so, managers sometimes refused to wear masks themselves, including on medicine rounds to residents' rooms, complaining that they itched, the three workers said.