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We’ve had successive record high temperatures everywhere, but most importantly to me, in London. There was a bit of respite for a week or so but yesterday the humidity starting rising and today the temperature will follow. I don’t think I’ll find 28° intolerably hot after getting used to almost 40° a couple of weeks ago, but the humidity doesn’t make it easy. Hyde Park is parched. The leaves have fallen off the trees weeks early, which I’m told is some sort of survival technique.

A man's losses in the Oregon wildfires

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Wyatt had been found. Leann Moore, a friend of Angela’s for more than 20 years since they were co-workers at Willamette Humane Society, said he was found in the driver’s side of a vehicle on the family’s property, with Duke draped over him. No one knows how or why Wyatt returned. — The desperate fight to save his family ends in tragedy, Capi Lynn in Statesman Journal