Links, May 2023


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First, whimsy. I like it when people do something that could have been straightforward and to the point, but instead they inject a little bit of charming madness in there, the unpredictable human touch. Here is a band website that is old fashioned, simple, and yet deeply weird. Give it a minute. Here is a clock website that shows an excerpt from a book for every minute of the day, a bit like my favourite film installation, The Clock by Christian Marclay. Here is a hand-curated archive of fictional brands that appear in media. Here is a man who invented his own set of workouts based on wielding a nerfed sledgehammer, called the shovelglove.

Drifting out of the territory of sheer contrived whimsy and into the realm of the real, where the sheer breadth of the human experience means that people just doing their thing yields delightful strangeness. A small boat’s motor gave out off the coast of France and their mayday call was answered by a 19th century design sailing ship, who towed them back to shore. Kraftwerk made weird rhythmic sounds and kind of invented techno in 1970. A guy cycled through Berlin with a full DJ and PA setup, playing drum and bass to a rolling crowd of thousands of cyclists. I was in that crowd with my friends.

Finally, in critters. Consider the flower frog and the robotic toddlers playing football.