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I’d like to pour one out for BuzzFeed News, which was unceremoniously taken behind the woodshed this month. I have shared my thoughts about my time at BuzzFeed, much of which was spent with the News division, and most of which was motivated by that division. Now they’ve finally gone and killed it, the most worthwhile thing that media corporation ever did.

I have a lot of fun and messed up memories from my time at the Fun Internet Company. Those times are well and truly over, both at the personal level and the macro economic level. The backbiting merry-go-round I’m still vestigially connected to is replete with think pieces about what that era was all about and what’s next for media and society now it’s looking really rather done. The main piece I care about though, is this fantastic oral history, featuring many of the people I knew there and some wild incidents I was around for any many that I wasn’t there for but were part of the lore.