Links, October 2022


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First off, here’s a DJ set I liked.

Right now a lot of people are talking about leaving Twitter (here’s mine). Many of those that go ahead with it and turning up in Mastodon (here’s mine) and talking a big game about how the collapse of Twitter will beget a golden age for the decentralised internet. That’s nice. I don’t believe it’s really going to be that simple, though.

On the topic of decentralised internet things: the FBI seized the Z-lib ebook archive! That’s a big pity given how hard it is to get ebooks without giving Amazon money. The Z-lib archive is not lost; some brave souls are maintaining the underlying archive. Here are some older, less illegally shared files including an account of the fall of the Berlin wall shared in 2001.

Now for some ~educational material~. This website will tell you when and where to look for satellites that will be visible to the naked eye as they pass overhead. I heard they changed the water cycle. It’s a lot more complicated that the poster that was stuck to the wall of my geography class when I was at school. This article from the Spectator (which is grim Tory hotspot I don’t usually spend much time in) is a really good rundown of how the Ukrainian language(s) came to be, and how it relates to Russian.

Finally, here’s a silly man from the past who died a really funny death in front of lots of horrified onlookers.