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We are moving to Berlin. I’ve been making that statement of intent to anybody who will listen for the past few months. I think (hope) we’re past the stage where I need to make that statement over and over to make it happen now. It has an inertia of its own. I have a job out there. Sarah has a job out there. I think it’s happening. By the end of January 2023, we should be living in Berlin.

I’ve wanted to live somewhere other than here for a few years now. I am putting my money, my body, my relationship, my possessions, and my future where my mouth is. I hope it sticks and that we find happiness and good people out there. If it doesn’t stick, I still hope we don’t come back here. I’m nostalgic for past lives I’ve lived in London if I think about them for long enough, but they’re not what I want for myself now. I want something quite different. I want to dream in another language again.