Snow day


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Thick snow falling in a park

Snow whiting out the park

London had its first snow day of the winter. We set out for a run in the mid-morning when the first specks starting to stick to the frosty tops of parked cars. By the time we were circling a park it was coming down thick. The roads were coated with a layer a couple of inches thick and quickly became communal playgrounds for bored families. Sleds emerged. Where do the sleds come from?

Snow covering a small allottment in a park

Freezing the allotments

After we got back from running I went to Dulwich park to take some pictures. We sat on a bench in the cold and had a burger and chips.

A residential road covered in snow and a family playing in the distance

Street playgrounds

Last night was Burns Night. We realised much too late and had to scramble to make our own vegan haggis, which was a big success in the end. Leftovers for lunch today were a delight. We finally broke dry January with the last drams of a couple of bottles of good whisky.

Red berries in a bush covered in snow

Red berries in a bush covered in snow

Many outrageous Scottish accents were performed.

A table laid with candles and bottles of whisky and a programme for Burns Night with songs

Finishing some good whisky