Gym and jolof


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I woke up early and lay in bed for a while knowing Emma wanted a big lie in to catch up on sleep from a bad week. Eventually I got up and booked a slot at the gym and cycled there. I’ve been running less and going to the gym more, is that a more vain balance of exercise? Jay Rayner was back at the gym, and this time James Nesbitt was there too. I’ve told a couple of people this and I know that there’s nothing to care about but I still feel like I should do something with the information.

I cycled from the gym to Peckham Snappy Snaps to get the film from a black and white disposable camera developed. I took some shots with it over the worst part of lockdown, and I really wonder if there will be anything worth it in there. The woman at the shop was very friendly though, and they had a big tempting collection of film on sale that made me feel bad for not taking more photos, better photos.

Peckham Rye felt lively; I love that street in its pedestrianised form a lot. When I came up through Dulwich to pick up a birthday card and present for Ollie it was in a good mood too. The street market was on, a lady was playing accordion. I bought souvlaki for me and a jolof for Emma. The mother and son and the jolof place were friendly. Emma had been at the gym in the morning too, and we were both in a good mood.

I’m thinking about Spanish more now I’ve been watching Money Heist.