Tom arrives


scotland journal

It’s been a good week. We came back from Scotland and spent a week relaxing at home around my birthday. Then Tom arrived in Heathrow having run the gauntlet of the travel restrictions imposed by the Indian government, UK government, and the various airlines. He’s been decompressing here for a week or so, and making us incredible amounts of food and drink in the meantime. It’s good to have your habits disrupted.

Yesterday Tom and some friends spent most of the day in our garden. There’s a project to build a raised bed at the end of the garden, but first a huge mess of bamboo roots had to be removed from the ground. Most of the afternoon was spent either ripping bambo out of the ground or watching other people rip bamboo out of the ground. Tom had the best stamina of all and only came to eat his Pad Thai after the last alien tuber had been excised. We now need to buy about a ton of topsoil.

Later on we had some edibles and fell apart to Scrawl, which is halfway between telephone and pictionary. Today I should really cook; it’s been a few days.

There’s some writing I’d like to do soon. Firstly I’d like to talk a bit about Scotland given I’m always thinking about it for months after my last visit. I also have a lot to talk about when it comes to the accessibility project at work.

Update (12/09/20): I wrote up my scraps from Scotland!