Things closing down


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The PM announces lockdown

Emma’s gone up to the Midlands to collect the car so that we might have some means of getting away from London without breaking social distancing. I was anxious when she left, I don’t want her to be stuck outside of London if the government suddenly announce stricter travel measures. They’ve already started shutting down the trains bit by bit.

Yesterday they shut the pubs and restaurants, and the gyms too. This morning I tried to do a workout at home and I’m still going to go for a run. Cycling around deserted streets appeals too. I feel like my body will get soft and weak in quarantine if I’m not careful.

Emma sent me some photos of her in her mask and headphones on an empty train. She said she expected empty London to be nice, but really it was just sad and scary. It’s a sunny day. I’m going to cook creamy courgette pasta for when she gets home.

A few people here have gone to the countryside. Dad’s in a caravan in North Shropshire. Jamie’s left London to stay in a barn conversion in Suffolk. I’m not going anywhere.

The news anchor reviews the annoucement