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Bangalore traffic

We got back from seeing Tom in India on Monday, and ever since then the world has gotten increasingly strange. Though it isn’t completely enforced, we’re all supposed to stay home and work from home to limit the spread of the virus. All the bars and restaurants are empty, people aren’t going to them and so instead they’re all online chatting away in the evenings. It’s like getting back home from school and everybody jumping straight onto MSN. Apart from today, every day this week the Prime Minister has come on TV and announced some restriction measure. Yesterday they announced they’re closing the school except to babysit the children of key workers like nurses and doctors.

Emma’s work has been busy in the lead up to closing the schools. She’s going to the Commons on Monday to help the minister while they introduce the emergency Coronavirus bill that lets them forcibly quarantine people etc.

I spent most of the day working at the dining table with the other housemates, hoping they don’t bite each other’s, or my own head off after a few weeks of this. It’s pretty close quarters in the house. I went out to the market to buy a big bag of rice so we don’t have to keep going out for food shops. People are definitely still panic buying. I also arranged with a local grocer to drop off a box of fruit, vegetables, and dairy — and they did it in just a couple of hours. I haven’t paid them yet?

Tom says Modi has imposed a curfew all day in India as of Saturday. He’ll be okay, he’s a nighthawk anyway.

Coronavirus advice show on Radio 4