Lands End

Rocks piled up near a cliff edge
A bay from above at night

Newlyn bay at night
Two men walking down a steep hill into town
The down ramp
A map on the table with a pair of glasses
Plotting Lands End
Cars lined up a field by the sea
Beach car park
Sandy beach
Tape decay
A man smiling and holding a Cornish pasty
Within hours of arrival
A man sitting on a sofa with a cat
New friends
A stream running into the harbour
The Newlyn backwater
Three men hiking over a field near a cliff
The group navigating
Man in hiking gear walking through heather
Glorious leader
A headland with heather and cliffs
The headland
Two large rocks in front of the sea
A cloven hoof in rock
A tattooed man smiling on the beach with a book
Best life living
Cove with people on the beach
Beach goers near Lands End