Ceiling at the main concourse in Ellis Island.Seeing this place has only reinforced how incredulous I find some American attitudes to immigration in their country. It's been said so often as to be a cliché but the country is 100% composed of, and built by immigrants.Even in the historical context that Ellis Island was active as an entry point for migrants, they recognised the importance of welcoming immigrants. They had translators to help them understand guards' questions, doctors to help them cure ailments picked up on the voyage, a system that ensured they got a square meal on arrival. The process was built for success. Now look at the country's attitudes toward immigrants.Among the exhibits was a political cartoon of a white American in impoverished, tatty clothing kicking a Chinese immigrant worker off the shore. The country had been all too happy to welcome the non-White immigrant labour during times of prosperity, exploiting them and paying them well under white wages to build the country's infrastructure. At the first sign of economic trouble, they were vilified for stealing white jobs and cast out violently. Sound familiar?Sorry for the essay, but I got opinions.#vsco #VSCOfilm #nyc #ellisisland #travel

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