Reading Baghdad: City of Peace, City of Blood by Justin Marozzi Watched The Big Short (2015)


my ideal dog is unimaginably huge, larger than the earth. a lovecraftian titan who wants a scritch that can never be got
when u refer to a letter or its content outside of the context of a letter its considered breaking kayfabe and is frowned upon in the civil war reenactment community
here hold this it tells you everything thats going on everywhere all at once but without any context
all that stands between me and the void is one to two hours of shit tv a night
i get back from running in the park and i deliver my morning dog report in full and at length
desperately upset that the @secondgentleman handle is taken
i like the nervous host energy of the guy who wipes down the mic and lectern. do you want any more drinks? sorry the house is a real mess i didn't have much warning ahahaha
npm install logs being like wow this blew up here's my soundcloud and onlyfans support open source
cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; every time you try and change the bin the bag will be a bit small and will rip a bit