there is nothing worse you can do to me than to buy me something ugly i have to own
we played firewatch on the weekend and i just want to know why henry is animated like such an oaf. just put it down on the table why are you throwing it across the room
nintendo are the best game company
when i hear you talking in the other room i want to come and listen. i know i've already heard it
i wrote this about the accessibility project at buzzfeed and what it means to me
the broken tap in my house emitting a loud sine wave day and night is very cool
throwing all the stuff i don't want directly into the garden because i am composting look it up
breaking up with my gym in a beautiful period building because the new one has a heated pool (cowardice)
running into the cobbler and sweating all over the guy while i get him to cut a key for me quickly and he just doesnt give a shit who im robbing