I am deathly afraid of winding up in a business park, lining up for the burger van because it's hump day.
The future of work is you getting ground up into a paste and superheated to make an adhesive that provides a reliable hold on both smooth and textured surfaces.
once you start running for mental health, you have to make a daily choice. either your legs hurt or your brain hurts.
lmao i just found out kate winslet was in avatar the way of water. i enjoyed that movie so much and i was so high
this morning, the announcement of cancelled tube services took longer than my transfer from one of the surviving lines to another. it was so loud too. it was like an art installation.
I used to be now i'm because is as unserious as i'd like things to be
its friday and the sun is shining and there are buds on the tree out the window
love to sell all my stuff like im going away for a while (AWAY FOR A WHILE)