Eating and swimming


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A loaf of sourdough bread in a paper bag
The good bread

Running’s been difficult lately, but swimming in the ponds is getting better each week. It’s cold enough now that it burns your skin all over when you get in. It’s cold enough that when you feel the cold on your legs as you step down the ladder you think, “not everybody would do this”. Very self-satisfied of me. When the burning fades off, this sudden feeling of wellbeing washes over.

Other than that the weekend was quiet There was lots of good food: more red riso arancini, celeriac soup, pancakes with bananas and Biscoff, sourdough from the bakery, embarrassingly good gnome-themed salad dressing. There was bed, the sofa, TV, and movies. We’ve been watching Twin Peaks again because it feels right for autumn. We watched Limbo, which might be my favourite film of the year.

A plate of arancini
Red miso and wakame arancini

This morning I finished watching Maid, which really makes me want to give up what I do for a living for something more valid (I won’t).