Drink up

I can’t stop watching and listening to things again. I’m back in a cycle of cueing up a continuous stream of video content from dawn until dusk. I walk into the bathroom watching TikTok, I come out casting a podcast to the speakers in the living room, where I work from home. I get on… Continue reading Drink up

My top films of 2020

I think the last film I saw in the cinema before they all closed was The Lighthouse. After that weird nautical trip we emerged from The Ritzy in Brixton in the middle of the afternoon, dazed and out of sync with the normal world where people were charging up and down the pavement. The cinema was… Continue reading My top films of 2020

My top miscellanea of 2020

I’ve spent a lot of this year living in the worlds other people have made for us. The world of our senses is either too boring (the insides of our homes, dinner arriving in cardboard at the front door) or too awful (bodies in refrigerated trucks, forests burning, and police brutality) to enjoy, so I’ve… Continue reading My top miscellanea of 2020

Men in evening wear slapping one another on the back

The latest issue of the All My Stars newsletter got me reading about Crash (1996). It was obviously a very contraversial film, that much I remember. There was some monocle-popping from Francis Ford Coppola on the Cannes jury; he refused to present the award that the film went on to win. What’s funny though is that the film won the Special Jury… Continue reading Men in evening wear slapping one another on the back

The list of 2010 lists

This guy has been collecting all the “Best x of the 2010s” lists that have been appearing in the past few weeks into an impressive list of lists. Here are some of my highlights: The Most Important Artworks of the 2010s (ARTnews) Top 25 Film Scores of the 2010s (CoS) The 20 Best Video Games Of The Decade, Ranked (BuzzFeed) The 20… Continue reading The list of 2010 lists

Bob Fosse, Joseph, and Rihanna

I was watching Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1999) the other day. It’s the height of camp, and I was trying to work out what the elements were and what they reminded me of. Then it came to the introductory Potiphar number and it clicked. The Rich Man’s Frug is a dance number that appears in Sweet Charity (1969), a… Continue reading Bob Fosse, Joseph, and Rihanna