George Floyd protester relief resources

I’ve been struggling to keep track of links to the relief funds established for Black Lives Matter activists across the USA who’ve been arrested, injured, or killed by the police. I’m throwing them up here, with sources linked at the end, to keep track of them for myself and for others who are struggling to pull them out of Twitter. For now, I’ve donated to the Brooklyn Bail Fund.

Update (2nd June 2020)

There’s now an even easier way to donate to a wider range of organisations fighting for this cause. Just make one larger donation on this page and it will be split automatically. Click here.

Why are bail funds important now?

Cash bail is used by authorities to incarcerate the poor and disadvantaged en masse. The rich and priveleged can pay their way to freedom. Bail funds exist to correct the balance by collecting funds to buy the freedom of unconvicted, jailed people who can’t afford their own bail.

Right now cities across the USA have hundreds of people demonstrating in the streets in response to decades of police over-policing, brutalising, and murdering black people — most recently, George Floyd. Multiple cities have introduced brutally enforced curfews. Curfews aim to quell protest and demonstration but people are still going to be in the streets, getting arrested and jailed. You can support the movements from afar by donating to the bail funds to free these demostrators, particularly while COVID-19 is rampant in jails and prisons in the USA.

Bail Funds

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