Overwhelming good


journal berlin

This morning I was sitting at my desk with my eyes half closed. I started to yawn and I stretched my arms out and back. Something in my chest, around my sternum, made a dull pop. I didn’t realise I had anything to pop in there.

The last couple of weeks have been full of great new things, and I’ve totally worn me out. We moved into our new, more permanent home in Berlin. We’ve had lots of help with the entire process, and we’ve thrown money at the appropriate parts to try and make things easier. I am still completely wiped.

Completing a move alongside a busy full-time job and three evenings of German class per week is a bit much. I’m glad that I’ve fit an amount of running that I’m happy with but there are other pieces of self-care I’d really to get done. I’d like to join and start regularly going to a gym again. I’d like to get a haircut.

It’s been a while since we had any actual downtime, as in: relaxing just the two of us doing something we love. I’m really looking forward to some quiet enjoyment of our new home next week. I’m looking forward to going out to the cinema and coming back to our place where everything is in its right place.