Interview cycle


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I’m interviewing for other jobs. It’s a very strange process that sometimes feels like having a professional affair. You arrange off-the-calendar meetings with some exciting new thing, because the old one has turned sour.

I’ll stop myself before I go to deep on the “jobs are like relationships” simile, which I don’t really believe in. What I want to say is it’s a tiring situation to both have a job and be applying for jobs. The interview process for tech jobs is particularly time consuming, although not as time consuming as other fields, I’m sure. Also, I have to remind myself that tech jobs are relatively well paid so maybe you should have to work pretty hard for your money.

Nevertheless, dealing with the swirl of recruiters, calendar juggling, technical interviews, meet-and-greets — it’s all taken a lot of energy. I’m hoping the process will draw to a close soon, maybe in two weeks. Then I hope I’ll have a job offer (hooray) and I can start the next tiring but exciting thing: starting a new job. After that, the next tiring but exciting thing: getting ready to move my life overseas.

I don’t know how serial those job hoppers and digital nomads in the startup scene do it.