Green chain walk


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In this second lockdown it’s all suddenly become about long walks and big cooks. Emma’s been walking for a dozen miles at a time through a river of wild spaces in South London called the Green Chain Walk. I’ve been churning through the cookbooks that I’ve been picking at until now, mostly neglecting. Successes lately have been gyoza, massaman curry, drunken noodles, Tuscan bean soup with homebaked bread.

Fridays are for film night. We take turns and choose a film that is non-negotiable, which helps us to avoid commitment problems and the Mexican stand-off of choosing what we are Both Going To Do Tonight.

Our good will going into all of this is helped by the idea of a very big light (a vaccine) at the end of the tunnel (arriving within a year or so, please). Then again, I found a journal entry from August that discussed my imminent return to the office, so I’ve been made a fool of before.

Work distracts; a lot is changing for me (“manager”, “hiring”, “ads”, “HuffPost”). Talisker is also a constant source of something good.