Uses, January 2020


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Day Job

At my day job at BuzzFeed I’m a software engineer, building stuff for the web.

I use my company-issued MacBook Pro “16, 2020 (2.3GHz, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD). It’s on a Griffin laptop stand, which isn’t quite tall enough to bring the screen up to my eye line, so the stand is piled on top of a couple of thick hardbacks that were lying around. I have an Apple Magic Mouse and the standard wireless Apple Keyboard.

When it comes to notes I’m between places at the moment. I try to capture things in digital notes first time around, but it never sticks as well as paper. So, I scribble notes in an old A5 gridded notebook I found lying around, and then type up the important stuff. I burn old notes, not because I’m paranoid, but because I have a fireplace.

I’m on MacOS Monterey. The apps I have open all day every day are Chrome, Apple Music, and Notes. My passwords are all managed through 1Password.

There’s a remarkable lack of terminal-based workflows in here. Honestly I spent most of my day in a Google Meet call or a Google Doc. I’m hands off when it comes to code. That said, I still have my trusty Vim config set up for when I want it.

Daily Carry

I work from home most days, with my laptop on my desk and my AirPod Pros in my ears. I cycle everywhere and I’m on my second Hackney Cycles single-speed in black. The first one was stolen. This one has a front-mounted pizza rack, which is perfect for picking up groceries and community with a change of clothes and a laptop.


I thought it would interesting to see what I used in the past, so when I update this page a substantial amount. I archive the old ones with the uses tag. See the old ones here.