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People on their phones painted in the style of Degas
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I can’t stop watching and listening to things again. I’m back in a cycle of cueing up a continuous stream of video content from dawn until dusk. I walk into the bathroom watching TikTok, I come out casting a podcast to the speakers in the living room, where I work from home. I get on my bike and put my headphones in, queue up another podcast episode while I ride through the streets. It’s getting dark in the evenings. If I don’t get out in the morning before work I don’t go outside. Today I went outside to drop off a letter, I can’t remember the journey. I was listening to something. I don’t know what. In the window behind this text editor is a YouTube video about to start, “I taught my mom how to compose her VERY FIRST piece of music!!”. In ten minutes I need to stop what I’m doing and get on my bike to meet some friends. We’ll talk about some stuff we’ve seen. Then we’re going to the cinema.