Articles I've Liked

These are all articles that I’ve read and liked well enough to remember to go back and star them in Feedbin in case I want to find them again.

Title Date
habituation to horror 9 Sep '20
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COVID-19: Monitoring The Global Slowdown 10 Apr '20
Here’s How Those Hot Jigsaw Puzzles Are Made 8 Apr '20
A Feminist Critique of Murakami Novels, With Murakami Himself 7 Apr '20
We’re All Dancers Now - Mindful Movement Is Key to Social Distancing 2 Apr '20
Treating Coronavirus COVID-19: An Elmhurst Doctor Describes Hospital Overwhelmed By Patients On Ventilators 27 Mar '20
Our Personalized Quarantine Book Recommendations, Round 2 27 Mar '20
5 Essential git Commands and Utilities 26 Mar '20
How a French Midwife Solved a Public Health Crisis | JSTOR Daily 25 Mar '20
Author Ernest Hemingway Quarantined with his Wife and Mistress 24 Mar '20
The Crisis Could Last 18 Months. Be Prepared. 21 Mar '20
The Horrifying Things I’ve Seen as an Office Manager in Silicon Valley 27 Feb '20
The 15th Anniversary of Doing as a Full-Time Job 25 Feb '20
Wikipedia Is the Last Best Place on the Internet 25 Feb '20
An Officer And A Diplomat: The Strange Case Of The GRU Spy With A Red Notice 25 Feb '20
Pages for Likes 24 Feb '20
How I Learned French in 12 Months 11 Feb '20