Day Job At my day job at Kaluza I’m a engineering manager. I work from home four days a week on average. I use my company-issued MacBook Pro “13, 2021 (M1). I have an Apple Magic Trackpad and the standard wireless Apple Keyboard both issued by my company, but honestly I only use them when I go into the office and have an external monitor. Most of the time it’s just my laptop on my desk at home.



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Work History


This is a brief overview of my work history in tech, covering the major projects at the companies I’ve worked at. The general outline of my work history is available on LinkedIn too, if that’s more your thing. If you’re more interested in what stuff I use while I’m at work, I have a /uses page. You can download my CV here. Miro (2022-) I just started as an Engineering Manager for the Layout team at Miro, in Berlin.