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Day Job At my day job at BuzzFeed I’m a software engineer, building stuff for the web. I use my company-issued MacBook Pro “16, 2020 (2.3GHz, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD). It’s on a Griffin laptop stand, which isn’t quite tall enough to bring the screen up to my eyeline, so the stand is piled on top of a couple of thick hardbacks that were lying around. I have an Apple Magic Mouse and the standard wireless Apple Keyboard.



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This is a brief overview of my work history in tech, covering the major projects at the companies I’ve worked at. The general outline of my work history is available on LinkedIn too, if that’s more your thing. If you’re more interested in what stuff I use while I’m at work, I have a /uses page. You can download my CV here. Kaluza (2022-) I recently started working at Kaluza. I work specifically as an Engineering Manager across two teams on Flex product.